Monday, December 7, 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend at W.L. Mills Auditorium

It was a good show at the W.L. Mills Auditorium the weekend after Thanksgiving.

The Festival of Trees provided family time and Christmas anticipation for the early risers and the afternoon. A large, grand room was reserved for the man-made winter wonderland and dozens of trees illuminated the otherwise unlit room. Lots of colors; even more lights could be seen. Each tree had its own specialized design representing those who volunteered to build it (100% of all effort was donated). Some, such as the one donated by Our Savior Lutheran Church, had a very classical design, while others, such as one donated by Mountain Hope Good Shepherd Clinic, took on more creative and unique designs. Smaller children took very well to the Letters for Santa corner and whole families took even better to the Christmas Gift Box costumes that certainly provided unexpected smiles form the entire group. All and all a very good success for Smoky Mountain Area Rescue Ministries.

Downstairs was the annual holiday Arts and Crafts Show. You could see plenty of artworks lining the long halls as you arrived to the main room. Inside the main room was like having all of the Arts and Crafts community gathered together in easy walking distance. Music, locally performed, played from every corner while snacks and drinks were sold from the back of the room. Craft seekers did not leave disappointed, as artwork, woodwork, needlework, jewelry, clothing and much more filled the aisles, and everything was decorated for Christmas.

We look forward to the festivities for next year! Happy Holidays everyone!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Gatlinburg Craftsmen's Fair

In no more than 2 weeks, The Gatlinburg Crafts Fair for fall will open the doors of the W.L. Mills auditorium and fully satisfy fans of the Appalachian wood-worker, artists and artisans' trades between October the 8th and the 25th. Good-sized crowds are known to pour into the convention center to get a more-than-good look at the incredible and incredibly skilled individuals who decor our houses and delight that little corner of our hearts that yearns for the simpler ages in American history.

Such is the appeal of the Craftsmen's Fair - so much so that its a bi-annual affair for Summer and Fall. A special event so popular is has to be done twice a year?

Such is the appeal of the Craftsmen's Fair. Many, many artists and crafters will be attending and working right in front of your eyes. Even if you don't like huge crowded areas, this is still something to attend, as the Conference Center is huge (it has to be to sponsor something this big) and you won't be hearing much noise over the sounds of gentle acoustic picking and performances by Keith Longbotham and Dennis Lee. Crafts marketplace and auctions recommended.

And what do you, guests at Sidney James, have to gain from this? Well, you likely passed the Convention Center on your way up the road. Again, the location of Sidney James, at a point where you can conceivably get to just about anywhere in Gatlinburg in roughly the same amount of time, saves you from crawling around narrow mountain roads, traffic, getting lost, etc. The Conference Center is just down the street right before you hit downtown Gatlinburg.

And after walking around for some hours in the large Conference Center, its only about 10 more minutes back uphill (great exercise, by the way) before you can retire properly, in your bedroom, at the cafe downstairs, at the indoor pool, or wherever you feel most comfortable onsite.

Some reasons to stay at Sidney James are seasonal, but most are year-round, don't forget that as you plan your vacation here in the Smoky Mountains!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Labor Day, the day of non-labor, is as coveted a prize as the crown jewels in North America, so it behooves you to take extra advantage of it during your vacation in the Smoky Mountains.

Sidney James in Gatlinburg is offering 25% off your stay at their Motor Lodge through Labor Day Weekend. That's more money for you to enjoy downtown, which from the Motor Lodge is either a 2-minute drive, a 10-minute walk, or a Trolley drive of which the Lodge is a stop.

Course you could just save your money and enjoy the simple pleasures of a city park, which is literally behind the Lodge, or you could just enjoy the plentivity of what Sidney James offers, at the same quality, for 25% percent off.

Its a common practice for hotels and accomodations to raise prices on the days they expect you to pay the most (and that sentence works both ways). Sidney James is actually reducing its price on one of the busiest weekends of the year. Why would you ever want to pay more when you could, in theory, pay LESS for the same quality Sidney James has offered for many, many years.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The coupon says it all. Spend two nights at Green Valley Motel, owned and operated by Sidney James management, and get the third night free until October 1, 2009. If you're spending a weekend in Pigeon Forge, its literally taking 33% off your lodging bill.

Sidney James has owned The Green Valley Motel in Pigeon Forge for a while now and has and continues to work hard to give it the same quality management you find at the Motor Lodge in Gatlinburg. The Green Valley Motel sits on the end of Pigeon Forge that teeters on National Park territory. It is 5 minutes away from Dixie Stampede, 8 minutes to Dollywood and Splash Country.


• 50 Spacious Rooms
• King, Queen, and Double Rooms
• Heated Outdoor Swimming Pool
• Kiddie Pool
• Jacuzzi Rooms & Suites Available
• Kids Under Age 12 Stay FREE
• Meeting Rooms Available
• Located near Pigeon Forge Trolley Stop

And a golf course? Yes, roughly 6-7 minutes away is the Gatlinburg Golf Course (In Pigeon Forge. Yes, we know) and a multitude of restaurants on the other side of the street.

Green Valley Motel doesn't pretend to be anything other than a clean, efficient and decent place to sleep, and you can bet you aren't paying for more than that. With this coupon, you're saving even more. 33% percent even further off, and what does that buy you?

• 50 Spacious Rooms
• King, Queen, and Double Rooms
• Heated Outdoor Swimming Pool
• Kiddie Pool
• Jacuzzi Rooms & Suites Available
• Kids Under Age 12 Stay FREE
• Meeting Rooms Available
• Located near Pigeon Forge Trolley Stop

Come stay at the Green Valley Motel in Pigeon Forge.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Fourth of July in Gatlinburg

For 34 years and counting, Gatlinburg Tennessee has been one of the first cities in all the country to celebrate Independence Day. You can't get much earlier officially than Midnight, 5 minutes after 11:55 PM, July 3rd, and you can't celebrate it better without a parade.

More than 100,000 people gather between Stoplights #3 and #10 to watch. All the way up and down the parkway in downtown Gatlinburg, the streets will close and fill with endless floats from local businesses and on the special occasion of the Park's 75th anniversary, the city of Gatlinburg will recreate President Roosevelt's motorcade as part of the the parade. The event lasts more than an hour and you will enjoy every minute of it.

Then its off to bed with you. You'll need to rest to enjoy the activities of the coming day, and Sidney James is just a short walk up the road, away from all the vehicular traffic and into a soft, comfortable bed.

At noon, the popular River Raft Regatta takes place along River Road behind the Mountain Mall (at the Aquarium). Registration begins at 10 a.m. and at promptly noon, all kinds of floating objects race towards the Aquarium. This is a free event sponsored by the Gatlinburg Parks and Recreations department.

Your day is free from there, and between the River Raft Regatta and the big show at night, you have a lot of time on your hands. Its going to be hot, so take advantage of Sidney James' THREE pools, on site Ice Cream at the Cafe, and fun in the sun. If the kids are itching for play time, you've got an expansive city park within a short walking distance.

And then at sunset, the show begins. "Stand Here" is Gatlinburg's suggestion for enjoying the fireworks, meaning between Light #3 and the Sky Lift, you'll be able to witness a 20-minute display of lights and pyrotechs 500 feet overhead. It caps off a perfect evening to an eventfully rich day of Independence.

All courtesy of Sidney James.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Mountain Hounds return to Sidney James

"Welcome Mountain Hounds!" says the Sidney James Motor Lodge. Again, this spring, May 28-30, we host the Greyhound Friends of North Carolina and their Mountain Hound event. Registration began Thursday at the conference room of the Sidney James Motor Lodge; crafts and relaxation for the dogs is the order of the day. Thursday evening the group dined together at a local favorite in downtown Gatlinburg, Lineberger's Seafood restaurant.

Friday morning the activities begin with games, craft opportunites, lunch and group photo opportunities. This is a great morning for the dogs and the owners as they experience the Smoky Mountains at Mynatt Park which is located directly next to Sidney James Mountain Lodge and is bordering the National Park. Lunch was provided by Gatlinburg Farms of Gatlinburg and everyone was enjoying it. Friday afternoon folks will return to the Sidney James conference room for informative seminars on such topics as "Communicating With Our Animals", "Second Chance Greyhounds" and more. Friday evening, the Blessing of the Hounds will be conducted by Rev. Susan Downs and is a very special evening for all.

Saturday, May 30th, the games and fun begin at Mynatt Park and continue throughout the day. Although Sidney James is not a pet friendly hotel, many special preparations are taken to provide provisions for the opportunity to host this group. We welcome them back year after year!