Monday, December 7, 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend at W.L. Mills Auditorium

It was a good show at the W.L. Mills Auditorium the weekend after Thanksgiving.

The Festival of Trees provided family time and Christmas anticipation for the early risers and the afternoon. A large, grand room was reserved for the man-made winter wonderland and dozens of trees illuminated the otherwise unlit room. Lots of colors; even more lights could be seen. Each tree had its own specialized design representing those who volunteered to build it (100% of all effort was donated). Some, such as the one donated by Our Savior Lutheran Church, had a very classical design, while others, such as one donated by Mountain Hope Good Shepherd Clinic, took on more creative and unique designs. Smaller children took very well to the Letters for Santa corner and whole families took even better to the Christmas Gift Box costumes that certainly provided unexpected smiles form the entire group. All and all a very good success for Smoky Mountain Area Rescue Ministries.

Downstairs was the annual holiday Arts and Crafts Show. You could see plenty of artworks lining the long halls as you arrived to the main room. Inside the main room was like having all of the Arts and Crafts community gathered together in easy walking distance. Music, locally performed, played from every corner while snacks and drinks were sold from the back of the room. Craft seekers did not leave disappointed, as artwork, woodwork, needlework, jewelry, clothing and much more filled the aisles, and everything was decorated for Christmas.

We look forward to the festivities for next year! Happy Holidays everyone!